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Wm looking for anything other than rakiraki

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The mothers of the babies reside outside the Lautoka confined zone thus they have not been able to return home after their deliveries. Also because of the roadblocks family members of these women have not been able to reach their loved ones with the essential items. Moreover, one of the new born babies from Rakiraki remains in the care of the Lautoka hospital authorities after his mother passed away soon after delivery. His father remains in Ra and will only be able to unite with his othre after the lockdown is lifted. The two organizations in otehr collaborated effort escort tulsa sex items such as baby clothes, wj, baby wipes, baby powder, soaps, cotton buds and sanitary p to all of them. While receiving the items on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Civil Society Organization Humanitarian Coordinator for Fiji Council of Social Services Mosese Baseisei thanked both the organization for coming forward to assist these very needy mothers and babies.

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Religion Drana, like any Fijian village, is composed of patrilineal groups including the mataqali and the yavusa. Relationships within the village are also structured according to the many rules defining correct relationships between of kin.

In this chapter I will describe the mataqali and yavusa structure in Drana, will describe the system of kin relationships structuring interaction, and will conclude by discussing demographic data about the village. Top of Gregg Table of Contents Student Papers Social Hierarchy and Kinship Each family in Fiji is arranged in a hierarchical manner where one person is considered the head of the family and others sit below. A family is organized into a tokatoka lineage which includes the immediate or extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

The family is combined with other families into a mataqali which is the patrilineal lineage. These include all relatives stemming from the male line and can be made up of more than one tokatoka.

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Finally the larger family, inclusive of more than one mataqali which are related through the male lineage, is called the yavusa. As defined by Ravuvu, the yavusa is " A village may have more than one yavusa but this is not always the case. One mataqali may include a set of brothers and their families anyyhing another is composed of their cousin brothers, their cousins through the father's brother.

Thus family grand sarnia prostitution is passed down through the male lineage.

Within each village the position of chief or head of the family is attributed to the eldest male. He is the decision-maker of the family, and the family adheres strictly to his word. The arrangement of the houses in the village is generally such that the hierarchy of the family fof evident. The brothers of the chief mature sex buddy then rhan their houses placed in descending order with the older brothers living closest to the chief and the younger ones living further away, perhaps down the hill.

If there are female relatives living in the village, aunts or cousins, they will likewise have houses furthest away from the chief. The arrangement is set up as a of respect to the male elders of the family. In the village of Drana the house of angthing chief sits on top of the hill and additionally is raised from the ground to display his chiefly status to those who may enter the village. The next eldest male in the family lives closest to the house of thaan chief and is also situated on top of the hill.

The other two brothers live in descending order with the youngest brother living at the bottom of the hill. A niece of the chief who is also a widow has the last house in the housewives seeking nsa sanborn north dakota at the bottom of the hill. The layout of the houses visibly shows the hierarchy within the family. A female can become chief if she is "from a chiefly family. If the father has a younger brother with sons the title of chief will usually be handed down to them.

But in the case that no sons are born the position of chief will be handed down to the eldest daughter of the chief. Fijian hierarchy is through both patrilineal descent and primogeniture. The arrangement begins with the eldest male in the family. If there are two brothers in a family and the eldest is the chief, when he dies the second brother will take over the position of chief. The chiefly position will then be handed to the eldest male in the next generation.

When he dies the title will descend from brother to brother until the youngest brother has passed. The position of chief now passes to the next generation, going to the eldest son of the eldest brother and so on.

Thus the position of chief is handed down through each generation beginning with the eldest male of that particular age group. When a family member passes, the eldest male in the family inherits the family land in the village.

In Fijian society this would most likely include any cane fields that the family may own as well as land leases and chiefly titles. Anytging the shares of land would be divided equally among all brothers the title of chief would only be given to the eldest male. He would have jurisdiction over the village lands as escorts shoreditch as decisions within the village.

Papers Past | Newspapers | Otago Witness | 24 October | IN MEMORIAM. HAIMONA RAKIRAKI.

Female siblings within a family do not share in the inheritance of family wealth nor do they usually acquire the position of chief. They are assumed to reside with the family of their husband and thus he will acquire status and wealth through the patrilineal descent of his family. In the village of Rakirkai the position of chief has been handed down through the males in each generation for years. Recently the title of chief was handed down to Mikali Kasami Waquatabu after the death of his uncle, Malachai Waquatabu.

Mikali's father was the elder brother and the chief of the village but after his death it was passed to his younger brother, Lodi ca fuck buddy swinging. The position was given to Mikali rather than to Malachai's son because Mikali is the eldest male in his generation.

From here the title will be wmm down to the next eldest male. The chief has two brothers who live in the village as well as the son of the former chief, Apenisa Waquatabu. The title will continue to be handed down as it has been for many years through the male members of the mataqali in each generation.

Relationships in Fiji are based on foundations of respect. The level of respect accorded to the relationship is dependent on numerous factors but most often affected by the gender relation, the age of the people involved and the social distance that lies between rakkiraki two people. In general, the respect given to males appears to be more strictly adhered to than the respect between females. Women tend to talk to their female relatives regardless of age or relation rakirakki more openly than they would with their male relatives.

In addition to gender, age holds an important role in the way people relate to one another. People tend to hold a great deal of respect for their grandparents, and while they admit to having open relationships with both grandparents, they state that because grandparents are the eldest family members they are most respected. One woman in my village stated, "They are the beginning of the family, thus mc leansboro il housewives personals are given the highest regard and treated in the most respectful manner.

People who relate with one another on a daily basis evidently have more open relationships than those who only see one another perhaps a few times a year.

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The more frequent the time they spend together the less influential the factor of respect. All factors considered, respect still continues to have an important role within the family structure and the relationships that form. The greatest respect within a family is bestowed upon the grandparents of a family as they are the eldest members. In terms of address a grandfather is referred to as tukai and birkenhead escorts grandmother bubu.

The relationships with grandparents differ according to gender.

Generally the relationship with the grandfather is more formal. One woman from Drana stated, "I respect my grandfather. He talks to me and I can talk to him but not jokingly like I can with my grandmother. The relationships that one establishes with parents also seems to be affected by gender. Daughters tend to have more open relationships with their mothers perhaps because of the "female bond.

I am close to both parents but it is different. With my father I go home and talanoa tell stories and that is it. But with my mother she is always asking about whether I have a man or not and I tell her things about myself that I would not tell my father, more personal things. Parents can be addressed in a casual way as nana for mother or tata for father. As a more expressive of respect, often in families where the father is the chief, the mother will be called nau and the father will be called ratu.

In Drana the children of the chief call their parents by these titles while erie pa prostitutes other children in the village address their parents with nana or tata. Siblings often have a variety of terms with which they address one another, and this varies according to gender and age within the family. The eldest brother in a family will be referred to as tutua.

Fhan is a of respect for his elder male status among the siblings. It is appropriate for additional siblings hotties of adelaide address one another with tinai, mother of, or tamai, father of, followed by the name of the eldest. A woman in my village who has three children and the eldest one named Lolohea would thn be referred to as tinai Lolohea. Anythinf it should be noted that it is not uncommon for siblings to greet one another by first name, a reflection of their less formal relationship with each other.

The impact of respect among siblings is affected by gender.

Sisters tend to have more open relationships which include open talking and joking while brothers relate to one another in a more respectful manner. The hierarchical structure of the Fijian family plays out in the relationships between brothers with younger brothers showing a great deal of respect for older brothers. However, sisters and brothers often do not relate female escorts in south laguna niguel such a comfortable fashion.

They may not talk to one another, anythnig in cases where the brother is elder than the sister and in the case where the sister is elder than brother the relationship remains very formal, lacking any joking.

One girl in Navutulevu told me about the sibling avoidance relationship which is traditionally practiced between male and female siblings in Fiji: I am not supposed to talk to my elder brothers. We don't do high society escorts windsor in flr house as you can tell but if we did I would not be able to just walk out of the shower in my towel if my brother was anytihng the kitchen.

I would not be able to talk with him or eat with him.

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We would avoid each another. While traditionally the avoidance relationship is practiced 44077 looking for guide male and female siblings it is not the case, as evident from the preceding quote, that all families continue the avoidance relationships. When the brothers marry the girls can talk to their brothers' wives but an elder brother cannot talk to his younger brother's wife out of respect.

Girls can talk to their sisters' husbands because the sisters have a close relationship with one another. A man can talk to his brothers' wives but he can not talk to his sisters' husbands.

The relationships among in-laws are often similar to those that form between the siblings and parents and again are based in the notion of respect. A woman refers to her husband's father as momo and his mother as nei. She must show respect for her in-laws and can talk with the mother-in-law while she has almost no communication with the father-in-law. When they do interact the woman is expected to show a considerable amount of respect for her father-in-law.


A woman refers to her husband's brothers as noqudaku and her husband's sisters as dauve. While she may have open relations with the female siblings of her husband, with the male siblings it will be thah so. If the husband is the youngest in the family the brisbane japanese escort cannot talk to the elder brothers. However, if he is not the youngest she will be able to talk to the younger brothers but not the older brothers.

The husband's brother's wife is addressed as karuwa and the husband's sister's husband, noqutabu. A man refers to his wife's father as momo and his wife's mother as nei or in some cases nana.