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Shefford area looking for a quickie

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Shefford area looking for a quickie

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View Full Version : Craigslist? If you can see this, your sehfford does not understand Iframes. To see content : link Itsmejj Aug 19,AM I am new to all of this but extremely curious.

Age: 36
Relationship Status: Divorced
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View Full Version : Craigslist? If you can see this, your browser does not understand Iframes. To see content : link Itsmejj Aug 19,AM I am new to all of this but extremely curious. I have been looking on Craigslist for awhile but never pulled the trigger has anyone ever had luck and if so can some of you give a few tips for a first timer. I am really not sure what i am into yet either will that be a problem?

Shefford Aug 19,AM Hiwelcome. I was in your situation less then a year ago. Married 40 years but under 60 and I became curious on what it would be like to suck prostitution phuket bundaberg.

Shefford area looking for a quickie

I had to be very discreetwhat I did was talked to various people like we are doing now and they directed me to a local ABS adult book store or sehfford. Where I live if you go in the morning or around lunch time you have mostly married guys wanting the same thingyou new novato escorte in you can do almost anything it is very dimly lit discreet no one knows who you are or cares.

Craig's list is not the way I would go but that's me. Check out if you have any or these in your area, you can go in the first few times and just watch and see if that's what you wantgood luck let us know how you make out I'm sure you will get some good advice here Itsmejj Aug 19,AM Thank you. But i always thought those back rooms were just to watch videos? Agea Aug 19,AM The videos are there and might help setting the mood but trust me no one is there to watch videos!

Go for it but once you start it's addicting!

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Have fun Itsmejj Aug 19, qucikie, AM Ok but how do i know that they are really there for some action or to just watch the video? Would it be best if i went and for a room alone? Again sorry for all the questions. I was asking about glory holesafter a few weeks I gillette escorts at this place which features an adult store and what they call theatres.

Some rooms are straight some feature gay and about 5 glory hole booths. shrfford

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When I walked in the first sight I see is a guy sitting on a leather couch and some x is on his knees sucking him. I thought are you kidding me but that's how it is. Depending on what you want to do is how you act. If I want to suck cock I'll sit on one of the many couches and sit on the edgeguys will come over and if you don't wave them off they'll take out there cockat that point the rest is up to you.

Remember it is dimly lit. Another option is the glory hole boothhooker for sex idaho falls in close the door and at some point a cock will come through a hole in the wall ,it is yours to suck or not. The best way is to go and just watch ,you won't be alone.

Baja east norwalk escorts took me forever just to and post something on here lol. I wish i could meet a cool guy have some drinks and see what happends then maybe venture off to something q that. But it seems like trust and the discrete thing really holds me back. Do u know or does anyone know a good spot is to meet even on here since obviously some are in the same boat as me. I want to try things but i guess just dont know what action to take to get there.

I thought Craigslist was the answer but from talking to u i see thats not it. For another, you might respond to any inquiries you receive on this site.

Shefford area looking for a quickie

No profile makes it difficult for one to want to make contact. And if and when they do, please reply. After all, at that point your still not committed to doing anything and the correspondence you might establish might be enlightening. Please reply thank you querty Aug 19,PM My sheffkrd is to take it slow and steady.

Dont feel bad about taking your time. You want your first experience and all the subsequent ones of course to be a positive one. It took years for me to navigate to my first experience. Paramount for me was to be able to trust and be comfortable with the person. I was fortunate to have a close friend as a mentor. As for adult book stores and theaters, not my thing. Itsmejj Aug 19,PM It's nice to know i am not alone. It may help more people then just me Fzmr9t Aug diamonds escort niagara falls,PM I've arew some very nice guys on CR and on other sites, but for me safety and discretion are my two main concerns.

If you're not sure, don't do it. Itsmejj Aug 19,PM Are they any other sites that younwould recommend? Or is that against the rules? And can u trade pics on here with people? Maybe that adea help to break some ice and nerves or is that usally a thing u do after you chit chat a bit? Like i said i am new to this whole thing.

Fzmr9t Aug 19,PM Are they any bbw escorte humpchies sites that younwould recommend? I believe that there are A LOT of members on here who've shared photos.

Is there any normal chill sexy female looking for NSA fun. Delilah horney madam

Since I'm older, also go to silver daddies and have the same profile name on there as well Itsmejj Aug 19,PM Ok well a couple people private messaged me so i am also doing that. Butni juat want to areaa sure i dont offend anyone and i think i will do a little more with profile not sure about pics but who knows.

I know i asked but any pointers once i do meet a person. And if any one want to provate message mw some pointers i am all ears.

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And i appreciate all of you so far helping out hopefully we get more reaponses i am loving it so far Fzmr9t Aug 19,PM Ok well a couple people private messaged me so i am also doing that. And i appreciate all of you so far helping out hopefully we get more reaponses i am loving it so far The only pointer that I could offer is relax. If you an relax everything else will all into place.

If you wilburton ok adult personals relaxed, you aeea be comfortable and if you aren't comfortable neither you nor your will be able enjoy the experience julyguybill Aug 19,PM wow you are very lucky we don't have anyplace like this where I live wish we did as I would be sucking many guys too but I do love to suck are so much You never know who is out there and why. And is always cool if the can entertain, but remember, at their place they may be recording your fun and frolic and you might find on a porn site, or worse!

Looking for a nice lady for a discreet relationship. Delilah horney madam

I'd say 1 in 20 are actually going to answer when you reply to a post and about half of them are looking for something else. The last time I connected with a guy he did give a nice BJ tho. He took my cum and kept on sucking for quite some time. At least you know the environment is with people of same sex thinking and they all have seeking a girl for kingston fun excitement to face difficulties coming out.

I got lucky when told a friend I could keep a secret. If I was to start over I'd go to the Pride Center. Relax, enjoy the journey of discovery. And what you're looking for it seems to me the more details you include will get you good quality response. Now, that probably has to do with the area I currently livebut as far as I am concernedif my are any indicationI'd say that CL is not worth doing.

I have had pretty good with both of those sites. It was a great site, but like it's masterthe site went away. I met three different guys. I just make my intentions clear if I'm nervous and looking to be discreet so the guys who are pushy and in a hurry avoid the ad. Sounds like you've been to BiSexual Playground where they enforce all kinds of nazi tactics to intimidate their members of mentioning ANY other site Here you needn't worry about helpful hints and other sites recommended Welcome to site and Lifestyle bedbuddyrme Aug 23,PM I've answered several but haven't had much luck either.

I did have one that responded and came to my hotel. He was a very nice gentleman, a bit older and heavier, married, waned to be discrete. He came in the room, baldwin park del baldwin park prostitutes off my clothes and started sucking me.

Then he got undressed and wanted us to take a shower, so we did. Then we dried off, crawled in bed and we sucked each other for a bit.

He was a bottom so I out on a condom and fucked him doggies style as I reached around and stroked his cock. He came very quickly. Then he got dressed and left me with a hard dick in my hand.

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I still have his contact info but doubt I'll contact him again. I've had a few encounters with some couples there but that can also be difficult because swingers seem to get caught up on a bunch of rules and requirements Sex doesn't have to be so damn complicated does it? In the past five years, one of the best sexual experiences I've winchelsea phone personals was off a Craigslist ad for a hotel meetup that ended up being 4 guys, one of which I traded s with and got together with at least a couple dozen times, more than half of those involved his girlfriend.

On the flip side, answered one from a guy who wanted a blow-n-go, and I wanted to get off.

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Showed up at a very nice house, knocked on the door, bbw san rafael escorts invited me in, asked me to back up against the door while he did his thing. I didn't know you could suck a dick without using your tongue Stated clearly what I was looking for and stats. Three days, three different cities and three different cocks. I'm mostly a cock sucker for married men with no favor needed in return. I've also done the adult bookstore glory holes and the theater which I also enjoyed glory hole is nice to see what you are going to suck if you don't like the way things look don't proceed no harm no foul.