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Looking for a wing woman

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Looking for a wing woman

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By Aly Walansky July 28, Dating is hard, hard work, and sometimes, it womzn a team effort. Obviously, this applies to both parties in a relationship making things work — but it can also apply to meeting someone new. Having a fun, social friend with you while you are out can make it a lot easier to meet your next great date —and weed out the potential terrible ones.

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So knowing how to be a better wing woman is essential.

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Remember that most importantly, you are there for your friend. You could do everything "right" as a wing woman but your girlfriend might still not meet Mr. Right that night. Each time it will s easier and you'll establish a good routine and maybe some go-to spots to meet new men or women.

A Woman May Be Your Perfect Wingman

From knowing how to be approachable it has to do with how you're sitting! Follow these steps and soon all of your friends will want you new germantown escorte be their wing woman. Happy hunting! Be Approachable If the two of you are sitting at the bar, don't keep your chairs turned towards the bar.

Laugh, enjoy yourselves, and remind your friend to uncross her hands so she seems approachable. Plan Wisely Determine the end goal of your night out.

If your friend is looking for quality guys or girls that she might want to date then recommend going lokoing on a week night. Don't flirt with the hot guy you were supposed to be introducing her to, and don't talk about yourself.

Pick a few key talking points on your favorite things about aoman to have at the ready, and bring a list of her favorite jams to pass on to the DJ. Order her that drink that always loosens her up or that you defaulted to in college.

However you can ensure she glows all night, do. Get the F outta there when it's time.

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Total success? She's hitting it off with a major hottie?

Girl, bye. That's your cue. Don't linger, and try to remember she's a big girl.

Nothing is worse than a third wheel getting in the way of real chemistry! Be sure to say to her in front of the guy, "Call me when you're home" or even "See you at home," so he knows someone will be looking for her later in the evening.

Then, get the heck outta there Bonus: If this all works out, guess who's maid of honor at the wedding?