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Although he is not Ricky's biological father, he still cared for Ricky for the majority of his life. His wife Tammy left him after Ricky was born.

At first this indepndent explained by Lahey, claiming it was due to him fathering Ricky and having an affair with Tammy. However, after it was revealed Lahey was not in fact Ricky's father, Tammy's departure was never clarified. Regardless, this has led to a deep rivalry with Lahey, and the duo will frequently go out of their way to humiliate one another.

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His parental involvement with his son was lax, but their relationship is strong. Like Ricky, Ray never finished school and, as a result, is widely regarded as stupid amongst the trailer park residents; Ricky's own problems can be in part attributed to Ray. Unlike Ricky, Ray has a calm demeanor and rarely yells at other people, even when agitated.

He often calls people "bud" or "buddy", even if it is someone he dislikes. Ray was a truck driver prior to the start of the series, but he lost his after he crashed his truck into a post office while drunk. Since then, Ray has been on Disability fraud living off workers' compensation, claiming that he suffered a crippling muscle spasm that renders him unable to walk.

He spends most of the series in a wheelchair, although he often gets out of it and walks around when he is in his trailer or in the company of people he can trust. However, in Season 2 he uses a cane to walk around without arousing suspicion. Ray is eventually exposed and imprisoned esforts Season 5 after Lahey finds a video of him getting out of his wheelchair.

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While in a wheelchair he constantly refers to himself as "the guy in the chair". From his truck-driving years he has acquired the habit of urinating in jugs, which he leaves around the trailer escort couple phoenix. Like Lahey, Ray is an alcoholic, but is willing to go greater depths to obtain alcohol.

For example, he agreed to star in one of J-Roc's porn films in exchange for liquor, although he passed out from drinking the bottle before the film was shot.

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At one point, Esccorts ripped the plumbing out of his own trailer to sell as scrap in independent escort nyc to get money for more alcohol. Ray claims to be a Calvinistalthough his understanding of Calvinism and of Christianity in general is quite limited; the main appeal of Calvinism is the concept of predestinationwhich he misinterprets to mean that he need not for his irresponsible actions.

Ray also often refers to the Bible in independennt attempt to guilt others into helping him.

He is addicted to gambling, especially playing video deteoit terminals. Up until Season 5, Ray had his own trailer on a year mortgage that he had finally paid off.

However, it burned down after Ricky left the stove on. Ray lives in his old sleeper cabin until his eviction from Sunnyvale in Season 6, at which point he relocates with the sleeper cabin to a local dump yard.

After Lahey was reinstated as a police officer at the end of Season 6, Ray was allowed to return scat escort cranbourne Sunnyvale and was given Lahey's former position of trailer park supervisor, although he was negligent of his duties. In season 7, in exchange for helping Lahey frame officers Green and Johnson for police brutality as revenge for trying to kill him, Ray has his DUI records erased and is able to his old job as a truck driver.

However, this is short lived as Ray is arrested in Maine after trying to solicit an undercover cop while running scrap metal with Bubbles. He usually brushes off bad situations with "the way she goes" and "it's the way of the road".

In Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It Ray seemingly died as the result of an explosion at the dump where he lived, but it was later revealed that he performed a life-insurance fraud scam and is actually alive and living in a Florida dump. Like Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, Ray's surname was never spoken on-screen. While it has not yet been confirmed at what point in his life he made this change, femalw can assume that it was made after Ricky was born due to an argument, in the xxx personals new effington south dakota season, between Ricky and his girlfriend, Susan, where she calls him "Ricky LaFleur.